Saving the planet, one metering
point at a time.

Pylon is committed to fostering sustainable development.

Our ultimate goal is to help save the planet by killing inefficiencies and tackling pain points in the electricity and water sectors.

By deploying our solutions, utilities can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 25% and water losses by up to 20%.



Our comprehensive demand management suite is the key to carbon offsetting through the two Rs - Reduction & Redistribution. The solution can help your utility:

  • Monitor energy consumption.

  • Identify opportunities to save energy

  • Estimate how much energy each opportunity could save.

  • Find & quantify routine energy waste

  • Increase energy savings

Thereby offsetting annual carbon emissions by up to 1tCO2/metering point deployed.



In developing countries, about 45 million cubic meters of clean water are lost daily through water leakage in the distribution networks—enough to serve nearly 200 million people. Pylon can tackle your utility’s water challenges and allow you to

  • Detect minor and major leaks as they occur through timely alerts

  • Achieve accurate billing/collection with immediate savings

  • Provide insights to users creating a more environmentally-aware end-consumer.

Our solution’s impact extends deep into the reduction of non-revenue water by effectively reducing physical water losses as well as slashing commercial losses.

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