Pricing & Plans

We offer flexible pricing models to accommodate your utility’s business needs and guarantee a smooth and frictionless transition to a smart grid.


  • Meter+Platform installation and deployment

  • One time license fee per meter

  • Annual support and maintenance fee per meter



  • Meter+Platform installation and deployment

  • Minimal upfront cost

  • No maintenance cost

  • Monthly subscription

Why choose Pylon SMaaS?

Membership in our SMaaS family provides you with subscription-based access to our hardware (metering and communication equipment) as well as our software (including utility-management platform, maintenance, operation, and round-the-clock support).

  • Hardware + Software

    receive needed smart meters, communication modules, and access to the utility management platform to jumpstart your transition to an advanced metering infrastructure.

  • Reduce Losses

    achieve immediate savings upon deployment, detect losses and address them as they occur with our data-driven insights and recommendations. Save up to 75% of your losses

section Why choose Pylon SMaaS?
  • Pay as you go

    Pylon SMaaS provides you with an easy fixed-payment schedule with 0 upfront capital investment that won’t stretch your budget.

  • Round the clock support

    Pylon SMaaS has got you covered for planning, installation, maintenance, extended warranty, and training as well as 24/7 support from our dedicated team for up to 9 years at no extra cost.

section Why choose Pylon SMaaS?

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