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Our utility management platform tackles a myriad of challenges faced by utilities in emerging markets in 4 simple steps:

  • 1


    to Pylon to begin your frictionless transition to a smart utility.

  • 2


    smart meters and communication equipment with minimal capital investment.

  • 3


    Pylon UMP and receive round-the-clock support and agile upgrades.

  • 4


    up to 75% of losses, receive real-time insights into your smart grid.

  • Revenue Collection
  • Losses Reduction
  • Load Mangement

Revenue Collection

Stay on top of uncollected payments and streamline your revenue collection process.

Convenient Revenue Collection Options

Our revenue collection solution boasts a wide range of features including:

  • convenient payment facilitation

  • postpaid and prepaid options

  • out of credit features

  • transparency & control for improved collection rates

Mobile App & Web Portal

Mobile App & Web Portal

Our mobile app & web portal enable end consumers to keep track of their consumption, provide real-time insights and allow for ease of payment with integration with multiple payment gateways.

Using Pylon will help utilities overcome these challenges

  • Irregular Payment

  • Customer Dissatisfaction

  • Risk due to manual collection of revenues

  • Unpaid Bills

Losses Reduction

Redeem up to 75% of your losses and achieve immediate savings upon deployment.

Losses Detector

Losses Detector

Ability to detect energy & water theft with instant corrective actions through its sophisticated analytics engine utilizing a mixture of regression models, consumer pattern fingerprinting techniques, and correlation Reports

Losses Reductions Solutions

Our flagship losses reduction solution enables utilities to kill inefficiencies and tackle pain points by:

  • detecting electricity theft and meter tampering

  • optimizing the grid assets

  • flagging technical losses

Using Pylon will help utilities overcome these challenges

  • Overload Networks

  • Old & inappropriate equipment

  • Lack of tracking & monitoring

  • Weather

  • Illegal connections

  • Tampering

  • Fraud & violations

Load Mangement

Streak the demand curve with our AI-powered real-time load management insights.

ML-Powered Load Management

Pylon utilizes grid data to feed into ML-powered load management algorithms to enable the following features:

  • energy demand forecasting

  • peak hours load management

  • time-series predictive analytics

  • integrating microgrids

  • distribution grid load monitoring

Load Manager

Load Manager

Monitor your network and receive real-time warnings and recommendations to make sure that you are always up to date with what's happening with the network.

Using Pylon will help utilities overcome these challenges

  • Power Outages

  • Imbalance between supply and demand

  • Load Management

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

Our Solution is interoperable across 26 different meter models

To avoid any meter vendor lock-in, we are meter agnostic. With Pylon, you can operate your entire smart meter grid from a single platform.

Our Solution is interoperable across 26 different meter models

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